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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can transform your home and if you have a heat pump, is the ideal solution to heat your home. You can see more about our heat pump installation services here.

We are experts in designing and installing an underfloor heating system, and will work with you to find the solution that works best for you.

With underfloor heating you will benefit from:

  • Lower energy bills.
    Underfloor heating will save you money as you can run it at a lower temperature than the traditional radiator system, which will reduce your fuel bill.
  • Comfort!
    Not only does the underfloor heating provide a more even distribution of heat in the room, but the feel of underfloor heating under your feet cannot be beaten! It is also incredibly quiet so will add a new dimension to your home.
  • Better interior design
    Without the need to install radiators you not only remove the need for a radiator to be fitted on a wall, but you can design the room however you want without having to consider the radiator's position. This makes the overall design of the room more aesthetic.
  • Low maintenance
    Once the underfloor heating system is installed then there is very little maintenance as the system takes care of itself. This reduces the stress of a radiator not working, or needing the system to be bled sporadically. Underfloor heating is the ultimate stress-free solution and saves time and money that you would normally spend on maintaining your heating system.
  • Compatible with renewable energy sources
    Underfloor heating is often the go to choice if you have renewables like solar PV panels or air source heat pumps.