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Solar PV Battery Storage

Reduce Energy Bills by storing electricity!

Solar PV battery storage is a system that allows you to store the electricity generated by your solar PV panels, or from the grid at your off-peak price.

As energy prices increase people have been looking at ways to store their electricity cheaply. Solar PV batteries are a fantastic option to manage your electricity usage and reduce bills.

Lithium-ion batteries tend to be used to store either excess solar energy, or energy from the grid purchased off-peak. Lithium-ion batteries are an ideal way to save money on your electricity bills. Although there is the initial outlay on the cost of purchase and installation, the batteries are an ideal way to store energy and should pay off reasonably quickly.

Based in West Sussex we provide an installation of a solar PV battery storage system throughout the county, and can help design your solar PV system that works with your solar PV Batteries. 

Benefits of a Solar PV Battery Storage System

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Energy independence - if there is a power cut you have power, and the stored electricity can be used at peak times
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Potential to make money if you use your stored energy when the electricity company offers incentives not to use power
  • Increased home value - solar battery storage systems can make your property more attractive to buyers because of the potential saving cost
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
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If you would like to start saving on your energy bills please get in touch.